• Powered Cards

    Ultra-thin micro-electronics embedded into
    smart cards : From displays to biometrics,
    from advanced micro sensors to RF
    communication, no challenge
    is out of reach
    Powered CardsPowered Cards >
  • Micro Assembly

    Extensive experience in handling and
    assembling of dies on flexible
    substrates : WLCSP, wire
    bonding, flip-chip
    Micro AssemblyMicro Assembly >
  • Flexible Substrates

    Micro-assembly on some of the thinnest
    flexible substrates available
    today (<15um)
    Flexible SubstratesFlexible Substrates >
  • Energy Harvesting

    Ultra-low power circuits operating from
    renewable and sustainable energies :
    solar, piezo mechanic, RF
    Energy HarvestingEnergy Harvesting >
  • Printed Electronics

    At the forefront of the latest technologies
    applied to printed electronics :
    antennas, memory, displays
    Printed ElectronicsPrinted Electronics >
  • Polymer-Based Displays

    Design around some of the thinest and most
    advanced polymer-based displays
    available today
    Polymer-Based DisplaysPolymer-Based Displays
  • Wearable Electronics

    Components and design adapted to
    the new trend of interconnected
    wearable technologies
    Wearable ElectronicsWearable Electronics

Technology &      Expertise     


  • Ultra-low power design
  • Micro-assembling
  • Energy harvesting
  • RF communications
  • Polymer-based displays
  • Flexible substrates & printed electronics

Markets &                 Applications      


  • Powered cards
  • Medical
  • Wearable electronics
  • Gaming
  • Financial
  • Smart clothing

Products &        Services     


  • Technology assessment
  • Microelectronic design
  • Mechanical design
  • Strategic development & production planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Compliance & continuous quality

Hear what they say ...

As the need for thin and flexible electronics continues to grow it is

critical to have the right design partner to manage all aspects of

creating a scalable solution- Syscard is such a partner.

– David Eagleson, VP Worldwide Sales, Solicore Inc.

It’s good to share views with people who have the same

understanding about what ultra-low power design really is.

– Scott Hanson, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Ambiq Micro