Syscard Innovations Inc.

Syscard Innovations is an engineering firm specializing in ultra-low power micro-electronics product design and supply chain management for Original Equipment Manufacturers. We have gathered an experienced team of professionals whose expertise lies in key areas tailored to portable flexible electronics product design and manufacturing: embedded micro-electronics, mechanical design and supply chain management. Syscard caters to the consumer electronics, mobile communications and medical markets.


Help enabling components, processes vendors, OEMs and services providers diversify their offering by putting new micro-electronics products on the market faster while limiting their technological risk, through the design, development, and production of innovative high-quality ultra-low-power flexible electronics products for the emerging consumer electronics, mobile communications and medical markets.

Quality policy

Always strive to exceed expectations of clients and partners alike, through the daily application of our core company values: respect, competence, team spirit, continuous improvement, and vision.


Become a world reference in the design and manufacturing of ultra-low-power micro-electronics portable devices.