• Powered Cards

    Ultra-thin micro-electronics embedded into
    smart cards : From displays to biometrics,
    from advanced micro sensors to RF
    communication, no challenge
    is out of reach
    Powered CardsPowered Cards >
  • Micro Assembly

    Extensive experience in handling and
    assembling of dies on flexible
    substrates : WLCSP, wire
    bonding, flip-chip
    Micro AssemblyMicro Assembly >
  • Flexible Substrates

    Micro-assembly on some of the thinnest
    flexible substrates available
    today (<15um)
    Flexible SubstratesFlexible Substrates >
  • Energy Harvesting

    Ultra-low power circuits operating from
    renewable and sustainable energies :
    solar, piezo mechanic, RF
    Energy HarvestingEnergy Harvesting >
  • Printed Electronics

    At the forefront of the latest technologies
    applied to printed electronics :
    antennas, memory, displays
    Printed ElectronicsPrinted Electronics >
  • Polymer-Based Displays

    Design around some of the thinest and most
    advanced polymer-based displays
    available today
    Polymer-Based DisplaysPolymer-Based Displays
  • Wearable Electronics

    Components and design adapted to
    the new trend of interconnected
    wearable technologies
    Wearable ElectronicsWearable Electronics

Technology &      Expertise     


  • Ultra-low power design
  • Micro-assembling
  • Energy harvesting
  • RF communications
  • Polymer-based displays
  • Flexible substrates & printed electronics

Markets &                 Applications      


  • Powered cards
  • Medical
  • Wearable electronics
  • Gaming
  • Financial
  • Smart clothing

Products &        Services     


  • Technology assessment
  • Microelectronic design
  • Mechanical design
  • Strategic development & production planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Compliance & continuous quality

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