Markets & Applications            

Powered cards

Microelectronics embedded into credit card form factor : from displays to biometrics, from sound to advanced micro sensors, no challenge is out of reach.  Low-power RF communication such as Bluetooth Low Energy allows for hybrid applications paired with other connected devices.  Low-stress encapsulation processes guarantee seamless integration of components in a finished product that looks and feels just like a standard credit card.


Physiological data monitoring goes smaller and ever more mobile.  New advanced micro-sensors and sensing technologies paired with flexible electronics open the door to new form factors.  Combine it with a frugal engineering approach to design and one can think of products that can be mass-deployed worldwide to achieve tasks that were not even thinkable before.

Wearable technologies & smart clothing

What if your clothes could talk? Well, they may already do.  Wireless Body Area Networks call for interaction between various sensing devices and can provide live feedback on performance, the environment or physiological data.  Printed electronics, flexible displays, smart fabrics, RF communication, smart sensors : technology will soon be everywhere around you and we’re already working on it.


Improve gaming experience and client retention with interactive portable devices that enhance the game.  Give yourself the liberty of providing a proprietary yet portable device that will be as unique as it is advanced.  Game cards with built-in electronics, RF-activated arm bands and devices, we are as creative as your imagination can be.


Think it smart, we’ll make it fit.  Cards are no longer pieces of plastic; thanks to flexible electronics, we can now build advanced electronic products tailored to new applications such as secure authentication via one-time password display and audio cards and tokens, novel payment applications synchronizing with mobile devices via RF, or secure storage linked to electronic money.