Technology assessment

Need technical expertise to assess the technological or business risk of a project?  You are at defining the specifications of your new product and want to assess the feasibility and market potential of your future product?  We can help.  At Syscard, we keep abreast of the newest developments in sensor technologies and printed electronics.  Our laboratory works hand in hand with some of the most prestigious research centres and universities in order to bring to market and accelerate adoption of new concepts adapted to powered cards and flexible electronics products. This translates into benefits for our clients and partners alike, who have access to the latest in components and technology adapted to the next generation of flexible electronic products.

Microelectronic design

Need to outsource your hardware and firmware development, or extra resources to complement your existing R&D team ? Our experienced resources work directly with your team, and use a structured approach towards design, development, testing, and manufacturing. Among our featured services, we can list :

o Proof of concept study
o Electronic CAD adapted to flexible substrates
o Firmware programming and testing
o Fast prototyping

Mechanical design

Innovation through Miniaturization - Nowadays, new technologies are developing at an amazing pace. Not only does it open the door to new types of applications, but the miniaturization of components has also allowed product packaging to evolve towards smaller form factors, offering a myriad of possibilities for new portable products.  At Syscard, mechanical design is an integral part of product development.  We can support you with your industrial design and mechanical CAD needs adapted to portable electronic products.

Strategic development & production planning

Building a few prototypes is one thing, but ramping up a high potential product to volume production is another, that requires systematic planning.  Syscard understands the challenges related to small components sourcing, reliability, and cost.  Those factors are weighted in at the design stage, to optimize yield and minimize cost during volume production.  We have resources and experience in production engineering and testing applied to flexible electronic products.  Good practice concepts such as Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Tests (DFT), and Design for Assembly (DFA), are taken into account at every stage of the development. Each project goes through a feasibility study phase and a thorough cost assessment analysis.  Before development starts, you will know exactly what to expect.

Supply chain management

Syscard has established an extensive network of partners in the field of flexible and ultra-low power electronics, giving access to cutting-edge technologies and allowing fast turnarounds on projects.  Its reputation built throughout the years contributes to shortening the development cycles.  We offer complete turn-key management of the supply chain, from sourcing of components to production management.  We handle all production-related aspects to make sure you get what you asked for on-time and at the level of quality you expect.

Compliance & continuous quality

We manage testing and regulatory compliance (RoHS, ISO, WEEE, etc.).  We can handle regulatory testing and help you get your products approved according to international standards.  We then ensure stable product quality by setting up process control and managing quality inspections both in-country and abroad.